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Dear Client,

Downtown Franklin has gone from a one way traffic pattern to a two way!  There are new directions to our office coming from Route 140 South.  Take a left onto Emmons Street, a right onto Main Street and then a left onto Dean Avenue.  Our office building is two buildings behind Dean Bank, on the right.  Coming North on Route 140, the pattern has not changed.  If you need more detailed directions, you can find them on our website.

If you have been a victim of identity theft you will receive a six (6) digit IP Pin number in the mail from the IRS in December.  You will need to bring this number with you or mail it in with your information.  Your return will be rejected if we do not have this IP Pin number. Use our website to keep up to date with any new scams that the IRS has uncovered.  Keep in mind, the IRS will only contact you via mail. 

This year we will be emailing your tax return through our new CCH Portal where you can also send your CPA any important tax documents and/or QuickBooks files. The drop box can be found on our website under File Sharing. (You will need to request a printed copy if you want your return in that form). You have the final responsibility for your tax return, therefore, you should carefully review it before you sign and approve the return.  If you receive your copy of your return electronically, via CCH Portal, it is your responsibility to save the file to your computer to access your return in the future.

Lou Kline, Registered Representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors, Inc. continues to be our strategic partner for financial planning and investments.   We have included an additional page in this mailing in the hopes that you will take advantage of the beneficial services they have to offer.

If applicable, your tax appointment card is enclosed in this mailing.  Please note any address changes on the bottom of the card before mailing it back to confirm your appointment. Please include your current phone number and email address when sending in your tax information or when you come in for your appointment.

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure funds are withdrawn from your bank account if paying the IRS or any States with your checking information.  Please be sure to verify the information is correct on Page 2 under line 76 of the 1040 and watch for the amount to show up on your bank statement.

Direct Pay is a secure web-based system that lets taxpayers pay their tax bills or make estimated tax payments directly from checking or savings without fees.  You can schedule your payment up to 30 days in advance and receive instant confirmation. This website address is

Due dates for the following entities are new for the tax year 2016: S Corporations and Partnerships are due March 15th and C Corporations are due April 15th.

Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to helping you this tax season.


Auerr, Zajac & Associates, LLP


2016 Dear Client Letter