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Individual Tax Preparation

Below are documents that are designed to provide clients with a comprehensive idea of what information is needed to properly prepare individual income tax returns. 

Consent to Disclose Form

Taxpayers, not the IRS, control their own tax return information held by preparers and, within appropriate limits and safeguards, taxpayers are able to direct preparers to disclose tax return information as taxpayers see fit.  In order to disclose your tax return information to any third party, under law we are required to have you fill out a consent form which we must have in our possession prior to releasing your tax return information to any third party.


We require that each client reads and signs an engagement letter.  The purpose of the engagement letter it to make clear our repsonsibilities and those of the taxpayer with regard to a tax return being prepared. 

2017 Filing Addresses for Individual Tax Returns

Federal Filing Addresses for Individuals - if you live in Massachusetts

Payment Voucher -   Internal Revenue Service
                                  P.O. Box 37008
                                  Hartford, CT 06176-7008

Federal Estimates -   Internal Revenue Service
                                   P.O. Box 37007
                                   Hartford, CT 06176-7007

Massachusetts Filing Addresses for Individuals
Payment Voucher -   Massachusetts Department of Revenue
                                  P.O. Box 7062
                                  Boston, MA 02204

Mass. Estimates -     Massachusetts Department of Revenue
                                   P.O. Box 419540
                                   Boston, MA 02241-9540

2017 Tax Rates/Deduction Information

Tax rates only apply to taxable income.  Taxable income is almost always less than your total income.  Tax rates progressively increase as income increases.  Various adjustments and deductions such as standard deduction and personal exemptions all lower a person's taxable income.

Record Retention

Please click on the links below to review the guidelines for record retention.  The information below in very general, so to inquire about your particular situation please speak with your CPA directly. 

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